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David Moreno

Predoctoral Researcher @ URJC

Welcome to my personal page! You'll find here information about me, what I do day by day, my talks, publications, interests, and more!

About Me

I started my journey in technologies when I was 17 (cause my birthday is in December, just in case). and I decided to study a Degree in Engineering in Telecommunication Technologies at University Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain), then I continued studying a Master's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering. But I wanted more, and I decided to start my journey on research, doing a PhD on data (mostly data related to software) visualization in Extended Reality, I'm currently on the PhD (hoping to finish it soon 😁)

Regarding my technology stack (for job or research), I always belonged to software development, focused on the web (the most powerful technology right now, change my mind), working now with Virtual Reality (VR) and mostly Front-End (you now, frameworks, and so on) but I really love to touch every part of a system, and as a part of a startup, I'm used to "touch" backends, mainly in Python. And please, let spread the knowledge and come to the OSS!

Not everything is about experience or jobs, I recognize that I'm always trying to make new things or learning (something web-related) but I also really love to ride my bike (currently Kawasaki ER6N), I really love to create gadgets using my 3D printer and electronics things (Arduino, Raspi, just a couple of cables, etc.). I like to play videogames (this is my games blog), retrogrames (from NES to PSX, not beyond/below that) and I'm a board game lover. I can mix these hobbies with a nice coffee or a beer!

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FOSDEM 2023 (JavaScript devroom)

Visualize the NPM dependencies city ecosystem of your node project in VR

FOSDEM 2022 (Mozilla Devroom)

BabiaXR: Virtual Reality Data Visualizations for the browser

first service

second service

esLibre 2021 (in spanish)

BabiaXR Visualización de Datos en Realidad Virtual

FOSDEM 2021 (JavaScript Devroom)

BabiaXR: Virtual Reality Data Visualizations using only Front-End

first service

second service

Codemotion 2019 (in Spanish)

VBoard, making web dashboards in VR (and AR)


VBoard, web dashboards in VR and AR

first service

first service

FOSDEM 2019 (lightning talk)

VBoard, making web dashboards in 3D and VR

FOSDEM 2018 (Community devroom)

Analyzing developers network in a community

second service

first service


Beyond standard panels


Network plugin, un plugin de visualización para mostrar redes en Kibana

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Journal papers

CodeCity: A comparison of on-screen and virtual reality
Moreno-Lumbreras, David & Minelli, Roberto & Villaverde, Andrea & González-Barahona, Jesús M. & Lanza, Michele


Full papers

CodeCity: On-Screen or in Virtual Reality?
Moreno-Lumbreras, David & Minelli, Roberto & Villaverde, Andrea & González-Barahona, Jesús M. & Lanza, Michele


Workshop papers

BabiaXR: Virtual Reality software data visualizations for the Web
Moreno, David & Gonzalez-Barahona, Jesus & Villaverde, Andrea

OpenVRLab (IEEE VR22) 2022

SortingHat: Wizardry on Software Project Members
Moreno, David & Dueñas, Santiago & Cosentino, Valerio & Fernández, Miguel & Zerouali, Ahmed & Robles, Gregorio & Gonzalez-Barahona, Jesus

ICSE 2019

Technical papers

Visualizing code reviews bottlenecks, from 2D to virtual reality
Moreno, David & Gonzalez-Barahona, Jesus & Robles, Gregorio


Making CodeCity Evolve
Moreno, David & Cosentino, Valerio & Gonzalez-Barahona, Jesus


Registered Reports

To VR or not to VR: Is virtual reality suitable to understand software development metrics?
Moreno, David & Robles, Gregorio & Izquierdo, Daniel & Gonzalez-Barahona, Jesus

ESEM 2021


CodeCity: On-Screen or in Virtual Reality? - Artifact
Moreno-Lumbreras, David & Minelli, Roberto & Villaverde, Andrea & González-Barahona, Jesús M. & Lanza, Michele


Rethinking Codecity
Moreno, David & Gonzalez-Barahona, Jesus


VBoard: Web dashboards in 3D and VR
Masther thesis


Network visualization with Kibana
Degree thesis



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GSoC Mentor - 2020

I served as a mentor under the CHAOSS organization int he Google Summer of Code of 2020.

OSS projects

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BabiaXR is a project to create HTML-based 3-D data visualizations suitable for use in XR (virtual reality, extended reality) scenes within the browser. BabiaXR is built on A-Frame and other JavaScript modules (including Three.js), and aims to easy of use and easy integration with other A-Frame components.

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Kibana & ElasticSearch Community

Kibana is data visualization plugin for Elasticsearch. It provides visualization capabilities on top of the content indexed on an Elasticsearch cluster. I've contributed to this community, I've developed many plugins of Kibana in order to get new visualizations types and I am always thinking about more plugins.

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I am a contributor to GrimoireLab, a open source platform for software development analytics included in the CHAOSS project o The aim of GrimoireLab is to provide toolset for software development analytics.